Bacta Cult – Biotoilet

Bacta Cult – Biotoilet

BactaCult – Biotoilet is a mixture of specially formulated natural and safe bacteria. These bacteria have ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds, which can be easily converted into methane and Carbon dioxide. BactaCult Biotoilet is a biological solution for all kind of biotoilet and portable biotoilet.

When added to compartment of biotoilet, the beneficial bacteria activates immediately and begin to secrete enzymes that digest and decomposes feces, urine, fats, detergent and other organic wastes. The environmentally harmless microbes in biotoilet rapidly multiply in the system thereby restoring biologically health and efficiency of biotoilet.


  • waste into methane and CO2.
  • Reduces foul odour from Biotoilet.
  • Naturally safe bacteria non-hazardous to health.
  • Dominates and decompose organic matter in to liquid and gases
  • Can withstand subzero temperature as well as upto 60 degree centigrade but charging of Inoculum should be done not less than 5ºC Temperature.
  • Routine cleaning chemicals like phenyl, soap, kerosene etc do not harm biotoilet.

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