Bacta Cult – BSP

Bacta Cult – BSP

Bacta CuIt – BSP is mixture of specially formulated natural and safe microbes. These microbes have the ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds, treated water can be disposed of safely or reused for gardening.

WONDERFUL MICROBES AT WORK Microbial digestion is simplest and clean way to digest waste. Natural, safe & concentrated formulation. Easy to use with dissolvable packets-no spills. Helpful in declogging drains. Reduces foul odour from Bio-Toilet. Reduces maintenance cost.
DOSAGE Water dissolving packet 40-60gms per packet – per toilet – per week. Safe for plumbing. 52 Packets per year – per toilet.

• Water dissolving packets • Degrades Waste • Kills Odour

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