Bacta cult FOG SR BAR

Bacta cult FOG is a bar/pellet containing active microbes which are released slowly into the water medium containing oil. The slow-release or extended release is similar to our “Slow – release medicines”. It is a combination of non pathogenic, natural occurring and acclimatized bacteria. They are selected according to their ability to degrade fat, oil and grease.

The FOG SR BAR is tied and suspended at the inlet of oil and grease trap. It gets consumed over a period of time. Typical time is around 25 to 40 days depending on flow and qty of oil present in the effluent

Effective against:-

  • Grease, fats and oils.
  • Odors
  • Lowers BOD, COD, which is associated with FOG
  • Reduces organic solids & sludge build up
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide

Application area:-

  • Oil and Grease trap.
  • Holding tanks / Equalization Tank.
  • Sewage Manholes
  • Lift/Pump stations.

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