Bacta Cult – Nutrient Removal

Bacta Cult – Nutrient Removal

Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential to the growth of microorganism, plants, and animals, so that, they are known as major nutrients. They are the primary causes of eutrophication within surface waters. The negative sign of eutrophication is represented by low dissolved oxygen, fish kills, and depletion of desirable flora and fauna. Excessive amounts of these nutrients can also stimulate the activity of microbes, such as which can be potentially harmful to human health. Hence, The removal of nutrient before discharging treated wastewater is desirable not only to prevent eutrophication, but for reuses purposes.


  • Effectively degrades and absorbs ammonia nitrogen.
  • Improves nitrating efficiency.
  • Maintains long-time stability of nitration effects.
  • Improves the treatment result for poor systems in ammonia nitrogen removal.
  • Decreases the effects of low temperature to nitration.
  • Improves rapid recovery time from upsets.
  • Improves waste degradation of specific target compounds.
  • Breaks down fat & grease buildup, reduces sludge buildup.

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