Bacta Cult-ODC

Bacta Cult-ODC

Bacta Cult – Organic Drain Cleaner

Bacta Cult – ODC is a mixture of specially formulated natural & safe microbes.
• These microbes have the ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds.
• Treated water can be disposed safely or reused for gardening.

Wonderful Microbes at work

• Natural, Safe & Concentrated.
• Self dissolving packets – Easy to use.
• Declogging drain cleaning.
• No foul odour from toilets.
• Septic Tank Cleaning – Not required.

Application Areas

• Septic Tanks

• Sewage Sumps

• Sewer Piles • Manholes

• Leachate Drains

• Floor Drains

• Laundry Drains


• Water dissolving packet 30-40 grams. (One Packet – One Toilet – Per Week)
• Dosage quantity dependant on number of toilet users.

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