Bacta Cult – Pulp & Paper

Bacta Cult – Pulp & Paper

Biological wastewater treatment plants receiving pulp and paper making wastes occasionally encounter difficulties in achieving desired effluent quality. Variable operating conditions may cause continuing system malfunctions. Bacta Cult- Pulp & Paper combines selected, adapted microbial strains with improved waste degradation capabilities. Bacta Cult-Pulp & Paper contains a combination of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms selected from nature for their abilities to break down a broad range of substances encountered in the pulp and paper making waste. These include lignin, cellulose, sizing, surfactants, fibrous solids and other wastes. When used on a regular maintenance schedule, this combination of microbes can improve overall system performance and reduce operating costs.

Bacta Cult- Pulp & Paper is a blend of selected microorganisms for use in biological wastewater treatment plants receiving aqueous wastes from pulp and paper making operations.

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