Bacta Cult – Shrimp Aquaculture

Bacta Cult – Shrimp Aquaculture

Bacta Cult – Aquaculture Pond Cleaner is a completely natural and ecologically harmless method of maintaining proper pond chemistry and environments for shrimp and fish aquaculture operations. Typically, aquaculture ponds have difficulty controlling excess nitrates and ammonia in their confined systems. The buildup of nitrates and ammonia create toxic environments that result in high mortality rates, poor product flavor, reduced growth rates and significant loss of revenue. These problems can be controlled and higher revenues will result by using Aquaculture Pond Cleaner. Below is a list of problems typically experienced by aquaculture producers that are beneficially affected by Aquaculture Pond Cleaner.


  1. Drastic reduction of ammonia levels.
  2. Drastic reduction of nitrogen compounds.
  3. Removal/Prevention of bottom sludge.
  4. Improved water quality and product taste.
  5. Increased production of 30% or more.
  6. Improved oxygenation.
  7. Improved water quality.
  8. Lower water toxicity and improved growth rates

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