Bacta Genie – Degrader

Bacta Genie – Degrader

Bacta Genie – Degrader is mixture of specially formulated natural and safe microbes. These microbes have the ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds, treated water can be disposed of safely or reused for gardening.

Natural, Safe & Concentrate

  • Self dissolving packets – Easy to use.
  • Declogging drain cleaning.
  • No foul odour from toilets.
  • Septic Tank Cleaning – Not required.

Application Areas

  • Public Toilets of Municipal Corporation
  • Common Toilets in factories / large institutions
  • Temporary & permanent Bio toilets
  • Ships & Porta Cabins
  • Long Sewer Lines


  • Water dissolving packet 30-40 grams. (One Packet – One Toilet – Per Week)
  • 52 Packets per year – Bio Toilet
  • Dosage reduces for septic tanks & public toilets.

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