Bacta Genie Floor Cleaner Bullets

It emulsifies grease and oil on walls, floors, or any hard surface.

• Rinses easily and leaves no residue or film.

• The bullets are 100% water soluble.

• It takes only 2 minutes to prepare a solution.

• Bacta Genie Bullet range of products are notable for its ease of dosing. With them, each dose corresponds exactly to the amount of product required. In addition, reduces storage spaces & transport costs & it allows complete control of costs.


• Safe to use

• Eco-friendly

• Rinses Easily and Leaves No Residue or film

• Deodorizing properties

• Non- Caustic and Non corrosive

• Provides a pleasant and long-lasting scent in the air.

• Biodegradable ingredients & film

• It is non-abrasive. Hence can be used on any types of floor. Equally suitable for all water conditions. It has good detergent and descaling action

Recommended Dilution

For Floor & Tiles: 1 Capsule in 5 litre of Mop Bucket

Recommended For

• Lobby Hard Floors

• Food Service & Concession Floors

• Auditorium Floors

• Restroom Floors

• All Floor Types!

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