Core Team

— Management Team (Technology & Manufacturing) —

Ashutosh Vadanagekar
Technical Director
Anurag Jha
Sr. Product Manager

— Finance Team —

Nisha Sharma

Quilling Paper Art. Fluent in English, Marathi, Bengali and Hindi.

— Application Specialists (Sales & Service) —

Rajesh Narayan
Application Specialist

Sane and sorted, proactive, good knowledge of market . Fluent in Malayalam ,Gujarati , Hindi and English.

Neeraj Kumar
Application Specialist

Bollywood and Tollywood movie fan, interested in cooking keen interest in South East Asia market for product. Fluent in Hindi, English and Bundelkhand.

Amit Shendre
Application Specialist

Current affairs, new technologies, adventure sports, trekking, health & fitness, exploring nature. Fluent in Hindi, Marathi and English.

Kuldeep Jha
Application Specialist

Master of words, talkative, loves trekking. Keen interest in Gulf market. Fluent in Maithili, Hindi and English.

Anil Josh
Application Specialist

Football enthusiast, keen interest in export market. Fluent in Hindi, Marathi, Marwari, English and Spanish.

— Marketing & Communication —

Kaustubh Kukde
Marketing Head

Creative mind, Techie , loves to explore google and technology & experimental chef. Fluent in Hindi, Marathi and English.

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