OdoAxe Odour Control Solution

“OdoAxe is misted in the atmosphere to engulf the odour molecule”

OdoAxe can be used in different industries / public toilet/ dumping grounds to eliminate odour, most of the odour control products available in the market claim to hide or cover unpleasant odour but OdoAxe chemically converts unpleasant smell in to non-odorous.

Any Odour – Any Industry – OdoAxe
Odo Axe – an odour removing organoleptic compound

It’s a nontoxic and safe to use I It is not a masking agent. OdoAxe doesn’t replace the odour, it kills it. OdoAxe is completely natural & eco friendly It is bio degradable in nature

Application Industries

  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Composting and dumping ground
  • Public toilets /sewage Treatment plant
  • Food Processing

Usage Instructions

Dilute : As per Manufactural instruction

Spray or use misting machine to apply.

OdoAxe- ceiling Misting Technique

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