Oil Catch

“Oil Catch” is an Eco-friendly product, which contains Hydrocarbon molecules that undergo chemical reaction as soon as, it comes in contact with Oil. During the reaction “Oil Catch” powder absorbs oil and completely encapsulated it. The absorbed oil forms sticky lumps or floating layer which can be easily separated out.

Physical statePowder
Size2 – 20 μm
Specific Surface areaMore than 25 m2 per gram.
Density670 gms/Liter
pH11 – 12.5
Chemical property11 – 12.5
Temperature RangeHydrophobic, Oleophillic (Oil Absorbing property)
Shelf-Life-15 °C to +300 °C
Recommended use1 kg Powder required to absorb 1 liter Oil.

Application area:-

  • Elimination of Oil spills – Ocean, Rivers & lakes.
  • Remediation of Oil spills because of oil towers, oil tankers etc.
  • Removal of the oil content & Fat from waste water, Effluents and sewage etc.
  • Absorbing oil & cleaning of ports and tankers. It can also absorb oil sticking on the tank walls as well.
  • Absorbing oil and floor cleaning of factories and workshops.
  • Absorbing oil from soil/sand etc.

Disposal of “Oil Catch” Lumps / Floating layer

  • It removes the oil contamination without any toxic residue.
  • The used – and already contaminated – absorbent can be disposed as high calorific value sludge.
  • Oil absorbed by using “Oil Catch” decomposes in nature within 2 – 3 months. It does not create any harmful gases for biotic elements.

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