Poultry Feed


Specially designed thermostable phytase enzymes 5000 FTU / Gm  Granules for poultry.     

Active ingredient :

This product contains PHYTASE enzyme with carrier.

Assyable PHYTASE Activity :

5000 FTU / Gram in granular or Micro Granuler from

Description :

This product contains PHYTASE enzyme for better feed utilization and improves phosphorus availability of the feed.

Usage & Applications :

  1. Releases PHYTASE bound phosphorus from plant feed stuffs in the poultry feed ration.
  2. Improves minerals and protein utilization
  3. Increases phosphours availability of the feed and reduces the addition of DCP.
  4. Releases minerals for assimilation
  5. Good and thick egg sheels quality
  6. Prevents leg weakness and other phophorus deficiency related symptoms or disorders

Dosage :

Layer, Broiler & Grower : 75 gms to 100 gms / ton of feed.

Usage Recommendations : As advised by a veterinary consultant.

Presentation :

5Kg. & 25 Kg. HDPE Paper Bags

Disclaimer :

The dosage and usage suggested are based on our research and field experience and the same needs to be adjusted according to the flock conditions or on the advice of a veterinarian.



Composition :

A granulated free flowing animal feed supplement. Each kg contains 15 gms of CTC.

Dosage :

Add 1kg of AMALVACCI  in 3mt of feed (335gm/ton)

Usage Recommended

As advised by a Veterinary consultant


5 kgs and 25 kgs HDPE Bags

Benefits :

  • Growth promotion, prevention of stress, Improvement in performance – Egg production & Weight gain and general health improvement.
  • CTC when combined with Tiamulin show on increased spectrum of activity against a wide variety of G+ & G – bacteria & Mycoplasma. The combination can be used for maximum benefit to the former.
  • Board spectrum activity, effective action against Fowl Cholera, CRD, non specific diarrhoea and secondary bacterial infections.
  • Granulation ensures that the medicine is evenly distributed throughout the premix & finally in the feed.
  • Granulation increases the stability of feed at normal room temperature, both in mash and pellets.
  • Free flowing charcteristic make it homogeneous and   prevents dusting and caking problems.
  • Fast absorpotion and quick results and longer stay at the site of infection.
  • Improves growth & increases profits.


Features :

Prevention is better than therapy.

Technically proved and effectively acting toxin binder which protect poultry flock from mycosis diseases.

Binds to all types of toxins based on their polarity and net charge,
finally decontaminate them.

Inactivate toxins, improves the nutrient intake and absorbtion. Protect Intestinal tract.


Use 0.5 kg/Ton of feed at regular usage for prevention.

Based on moisture content use dosage 1 kg to 1.5 kg / Ton of feed.


25 kgs HDPE Paper Bags


Potential absorbent materials such as activated carbon (Inactivate deoxynivalenol and nivanenol), allumino silicates, earth minerals, Aflatoxin selective HSCAS inactivate ochratoxin, sterigmatocystin.

Complex indigestible carbohydrates such as cellulose, mannan oligosaccharides and peptido glycans Inactivate T-2 toxin, Zeralenone and auro fusarin toxin.

Synthetic polymers such as PVPP inactivate aflatoxin and Zeralenone. Organic Acids – Inactivate most of the mycotoxins.

Probiotic Strains such as lactic acid bacteria, propioni bacteria and bifido bacteria effectively inactivate the fusarium produced mycotoxins.


An effective and challenging functions like…

Specially designed proprietary combination of ligand bound bioactive natural peptides which acts as mediators and enhancers for better absorption and assimilation of both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.

Prevents escape of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins form GUT. Enhance microvilli assimilation power for vitamin and mineral intake with low energy use.

Sustained and sequencial release of vitamins. Challenging function for preventing costly vitamin loss it leads to increase the stability and bioavilability of vitamins.

Prevents the usage of vitamins by microorganisms. make always readily availability of vitamins for metabolic intake, Prevents overages of vitamin usage during formulation and feed preparation

Benefits :

Improves body weight, FCR, egg production, performance. Prevents destabilization and deficiency of vitamins. Manage and equilibrate the vitamins level during metabolic strees. Better bioavailability and long shelf life with prove stability. Boost immunity. Enhance metabilic activities.

Dosage :

250-500 gms of Amalvita / ton of feed For chick : 5ml / 100Chicks*Day For Layer, grower and Broiler 5ml-10ml / 100 brids / day.

Presentation :

1 kg Foil, 5 kg and 25 kg HDPE Paper bags / 25 kgs HDPE Drum.


Amalcalci granules 5g. contains :

Calcium165 mg
Vitamin D3700 l.U
Vitamin B127mcg

Dosage :

Poultry : 500gms to 1kg per ton of feed

Cattle & Horses : 30g-50g daily Sheep, Goats & Pigs : 10g

Dogs & Cats : 5g – 10g to be give daily continuously in a month or as directed by the veterinarian

Benefits :

Liposomal technology improves the hihg absorption of calcium, phosphorous at the time of deficiencies.

Fast & High level absorption occurs to improve bone metabolism & mineral ion balance.

Proved high absorption technology in ruminants, lactants, livestock and veterinary animals.

Control & prevents egg breakage, this shell problems in poultry.

Presentation :

25 kgs HDPE Paper Bags


A complete and balanced trace mineral composition fortified with ligand binding amino acids and bio active peptides

Each 1 kg product contains

Manganese88 grams
Copper15 grams
Cobalt21 grams
Iodene1.7 grams
Iron60 grams
Selenium310 mg
Molybdenum30 grams
Metabolic Enhancers as magnesium co factors -4.4 gramsLigand binding amino acids : QS Bioactive Peptides : QS

Advantages :

Improves the metabolized energy levels. Controls all important metabolic pathways. Enhance the enzyme activity as co factors

Controls the metabolic disorders due to ionic imbalance.

Eliminates the toxic impurities as a neutralizing ions with counter ion interactions.

Benefits :

Improves the egg quality and maintains production equilibrium. Manage the calcium and phosphorous ion balance. Improves the production quality.

Dosage :

Use 1 kg per ton of feed. or as advise given by the veterinary consultant.


25 kg. HDPE Paper Bag



Each 500 grams contains

Sodiumcitrate80 gms
Sorbic acid45 gms
Benzoic acid80 gms
Butyric acid40 gms
Propionic acid80 gms
Pyruvic acid20 gms
Glutamyl formic acid40 gms
Glutamic acid40 gms
Organic acidic carrierqa


Maintain GUT pH and favours the digestion process.

Natural organic acids maintains the pH of GUT for the better action of digestive enzymes which works at acidic pH.

Prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Organic acid secreting probiotic strains acts as probiotic normal flora in the intestinal tract.

Avoid the colonization and biofilm formation,

Improvement in daily growth, FCR.

Favours the absorption of minerals, drug active ingredients.

Also used as water acidifier and controls general mortality


Contains a blend of organic acids and their salts, buffering agents, organic acid secreting probiotic strains of normal flora.

Organic acids maintain the acidic pH of digestive system (stomach, crop onward part, duodenum etc) of poultry birds.

As per segment wise they maintain the pH by equilibrate the H ion concentration.

Buffering agents maintain the acidic pH for long time Organic acid secreting probiotic microbes releases natural

Organic acids to equilibrate the pH if any disassociation of ions occur.


Broilers500 gm to 1 kg per Ton of feed
Layers500 gm to 1 kg per Ton of feed.
Breeders1 to 2.5 kg per Ton of feed.

Liquid formulation

1 ml in 5 liter of drinking water or advised by the consultant veterinarian.


25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


A complete solution and cure for liver disorders in broilers and layers


Contains specially designed bio-active herbals and bio molecules which prevents and cure all types of liver disorders in broiler and layers.

Mostly liver effected by mycotoxins, endotoxins, chemical toxins in feed environmental factors, pathogenic microbes and feed conservation efficiency of poultry flock.

Proprietary biomolecules protect the liver from pathogenic microbes and enhance the liver cell metabolism.

Prevents the deposition of excess fat in liver due to improper metabolism in liver cell and GIT. Protect the liver from all types of mycotoxins by neutralization and stimulates the liver funtion.

Enhance the liver secretions to maintain the healthy digestion and ehance the mobilization of unwanted molecules deposited in liver.Perform a key role in rejuvenation of damaged liver cells properly and effectively.

Livamal Contains

Proprietary blend of proved herbal powders

– QS suitable for effective action Biomolecule blend – QS.

Carrier – QS.


Minimizes liver damage and enhance Hepato, Kidney fuctions.

Improves growth, FCR, fertility and hactcability.

Stimulates depressed appetite due to toxins.


Each 10 grams of Livamal contains

  • Protein hydrolysate – 120 mg
  • Biomolecule blend – QS
  • Stabilizers – QS
  • Preservatives – QS
  • Proprietary blend of proved herbal powders – QS suitable for effective action
  • Double distilled water with conductivity less than 25 micro siemens – QS

Dosage :

Use 1 Kg of Livamal -C / Ton of Feed.

Use 10-20 ml of Livamal -C- liquid / 100 birds

Presentation :

25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


Highly concentrated, stable and proprietary blend of special, lyophilized, antibiotic resistant probiotic strains. Contains standard probiotic strains which secrets desired lactic  acid  and  organic acids which acts as acidifiers for  gut  and  also  secretes  B vitamins and bacitracins. Contains  Specially  developed fermented koji and class I active peptides which enhance the protein metabolism and reduce the Ammonia formation. Contains highly performed and ecofriendly stains which neutralize endotoxins And kills initial stage pathogens in chicks.

Specially designed and challenging probiotic formulation always compete with pathogenic microbes like E.coli, salmonella, sachigella, Enteritidis, Clostridium perfringens for space in gut, prevent colonization and finally eliminates the pathogenic microbes from gut.

Enhance assimilation of absorbed nutrients, Enhance immunity, Enhance muscle cell metabolisms in broilers, Prevents biofilm for mations, Enhance performance, water and mineral metabolism.

Controls colour diarrohea, watery diarrohea. Long shelf life, because the formulation make up to the concentration suffircient to propagate probiotic strains for their guarantied potency, viability, stable performance and long action at different environmental conditions, humidity which are not extreemed. Effective action and suitable for both in broiler and layer metabolic cycles.


For Chicks-Use 10gms of Amalprobac per 1000 chicks everyday during first water intake. For Broilers, Layers & G rowers – Use 100 grams of FSP or FSG per Ton of feed. For Feed manufactures – Use 100 gms of MEP per Ton of feed.


250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg Foil Pack


A Novel Biotechnologically derived product to control litter problems and loose droppings in poultry


AMALSOL contains a combination of bioactive peptides, natural ligands, probiotic strains & biochemical molecules.

All these molecules concurrently acts and cotrol all types GUT problems produced by different metabolic disorders, deficiencies and pathogenic microbial infections.

Control and prevents loose dropping, colour droppings (yellow, red, brown, green and foamy white) of poultry birds like broiler and layer.

Potect GIT of chicks from early stage pathogenic microbial infections.


200 to 300 gms of PROSOL-G for 5000 chicks/birds during the first intake of water or feed of the day.

Dosage may be adjusted depending on the flock conditios or as advised by the consultant veterinatian.


Probiotics restrict the growth and propagation of disease causing pathogenic microbes like E.coli, salmonella, schigella and eradicate them from GIT.
Fast and effective action to control loose droppings and colour droppings.
Natural ligands binds to myco, endo toxins and neutralizes them.
Bioactive peptides enhance mineral, vitamin and nutrient absorption, assimilation to protect the bird from disrroheal stress.
Improves FCR, performance.
Completely safe and free from antibiotics.
Stimulates immune system.


500 grams and 1 kg Foil Pack


EnzymeSpecific activity units/gmSubstrateFunction
Cellulase75Cellulose fiber Cellulose fiber High starch Pectins Oils/fats/Lipids Non-starch Polysacharides MOS Beta 1-4 glycosidic LinkagesCost effective feed with better nutrition Cost effective feed with better nutrition Lower production cost and highernutritive value Better usage of plant material and better body weight Better immunity Bio-available nutrients, anti bacterial Better use of nutrients Improves resistance
Beta galactosidase250

Features and Benefits

Unique combination of 10 purified enzymes isolated through bioprocess chromatography using novel process with specified resins to improve high purity, specific activity and stability.

Improves digestion, absorption function, improves growth & performance.

Improves feed efficiency & productivity. Improves FCR and metaboloized energy pathway.

Highly stable at enzyme active barrier pH and temperature. stable at mixing and pelleting.

Enhance the protein digestion and absorption.

Special and proprietary blended formulation contains bio-active peptide enhance the absorption and assimilation of enzyme digested nutrients leads to no loss of nutrients


500 gms per ton of feed

500 gms of Enzyamal release 80-120 Kcal of metabolized energy per kg of feed equals to 0.5% of protein, 0.03% of lysine

and 0.02% if methionine and 8kg of DCP.



Each 100grams contains

NaCl8.25 grams
Magnesium Sulphate1 gram
Potassium Chloride1 gram
Calcium Carbonate2 grams
Sodium Citrate1 gram
Vitamin C1 gram
Sodium Pyruvate1 gram
Lacto Bacillus2 Bilion
Selenium70 mcg


Contains instant energy releasing Pyruvate complex, control mineral balance at extreme thermal conditions.


Releive thermal strees and mineral loss due to Dehydration.

Recover metabolic stages to normal by equilibrate acid base proportions.

Recovers bird from the dehydration loss due to diarrhea.


1Kg per tonne feed 1gram per 2 Litre water


1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kgs pack



Each 100Gramscontains

Potassium Citrate18 Grams
Immune Modulator1 Gram
Vitamin C2 Grams
Alfaalfa Extract0.2 Grams
Dry Cucumber Powder0.5 Grams
Uric acid Solubilizers0.1 Gram


Potassium Citrate maintains kidney salt balance

KIDLEE keeps the bird healthy by preventing stress

Uric acid solubilizers dissolves masses which cause Gout leads to relieve from the diseases


Improves immunity

Prevents Gout

Prevents Bone disfunctions


500grms of Tonne/feed / 2ml per Liter water


Specially designed formulae contains a blend of growth enhancing components called class A&B Bioactive peptides, aminoacid ligands Enzymes, Prebiotics, Bacitracins, probiotics, immunity boosters, chelated trace minerals fortified with peptides.

Class B Bioactive peptides enhance the muscle and bone metabolism leads to bone and muscle growth.

Improves dermal blood circulation leads to natural qulity pink colooration of the dermis.

Feed grade Bacitracins protect the flock from pathogens

Enzymes enhance the digestion of biomolecules

Immune boosters pro-alert the immune system to fight with pathogens at the time of risk.

Probiotics maintain gut pH and equilibrate the normal flora of gut.

Prebiotics enhance the energy metabolism.

Aminoacid ligands equilibrate the mineral and vitamin absorption, assimilation and protein metabolism.

Chelated trace minerals fortified with peptides enhance the mineral metabolism and all leads to growth.


Challenged improvement in broiler performance with healthy weight gain.

Enhance the growth in grower and layer birds. Enhance muscle and bone growth leads to real weight.


for Broilers & Growers Layers

Powder Formulation :Use 500gm to 1kg/ ton of feed

Liquid Formulation: Use 5 ml to 10ml / 100birds in drinking water


5 kg and 25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


AMALSANIT plus is broad spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer used in poultry and veterinary. It kills all types of pathogenic microorganisms including viral cells and also it resist the growth and survival of all spore, microbial cells which cause diseases in all ecosystmes.


It controls the growth of all pathogenic microorganisms.

It is a novel formulae with silver ions and titrate ions, which are technically proved and validated bactercidal, viricidal and fungicidal activity,

Broad spectrum activity, floor cleaning, water sanitization etc.,

Best in action after use

Result oriented.

Usage recommendations

Use 100ml in 2,000 lt of water tank.

Use 5ml in 1 lt of water and keep nozzle spray bottle for hand sanitization, utensils, feed utensils, trays surface cleaning.

Use 60 ml in 20 lts of water for spray on birds & chicks.


As per advise of Veterinery consultant


5 lt & 20 ltr



Contains Vitamin E, Selenium, Biotin and Natural Bioactive peptide caps.

Contains proprietary blend of Vitamins, minerals and Natural bio active peptides.

Natural bioactive peptides enhance the vitamins, minerals bioavilability & provocate the absorption and assimilation very effectively with out loss of nutrient value.

Bioactive peptides initiate the immune system and prevent the contamination, spread of diseases


Each 200 gm of SELECRON contains

Vitamin E40 gm
Biotin380 mg
Selenium120 mg
Bioactive peptides25 mg


Improves the immunity, growth and production.

Control and prevent the cytotoxic free radical action and improve the defense system

Enhance the humoral and cell mediated immune functions. Improve the performance of broilers any layers.

Resist the loss of metabolic energy due to metabolic strees. Improve the fertility and hatchability.

Prevent the body from heavy metal toxics.


200 to 300 gm / Ton of feed

Amalimmuno : For 100 birds

chicks : 5ml, Broiler & Layer : 10 ml


Oxytetracycline 20% Composition

Each 1 Kg premix contains

Oxytetracycline.   200gms OTC 20% Granules is widely used antibacterial poultry feed supplement for quick, sure and effective prevention of respiratory & enteric disorders


Add 250gms to 500gms / ton of feed. or as directed by veterinary consultant.


5 kgs and 25 kgs HDPE Bags


Granulation ensures homogeneous mixing in feed, free flowing & good mixability.
To improve productivity in Layers, Broilers and Breeders.
Prevents respiratory tract and other microbial infections
Minimizes laying slumps and maintain higher egg production during stress.
Improves faster growth and minimizes the finishing period in Broilers
Improves the overall haalth and FCR in Breeders, Layers & broilers.
Prevents secondary bacterial complications associated with viral diseases.


ENRAMAl is a polypeptide antibiotic obtained by the incubation of Streptomyces fungicidicus. For physicochemical properties ENRAMAl technical occurs as a gray-brown to brown Micro Granules or particles and slightly has a characteristic odor. It is freely soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and in dimethyl formamide, slightly soluble in water and in methanol, and very slightly soluble in acetone, in ethanol, in chloroform and in benzene.


BACI TRAMAL  is an antibacterial feed additives with rich quantity of Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate.

It is a purely fermentation derived product with no residues, high antibacterial activity which is used for improving rate of weight gain and increasing the feed efficiency.

Mode of action

Improves the oxygen consumption Reduces the risk of inflammation Easily mixed with any type of feed.


Improves growth and feed efficiency
Prevents & controls the enteritis problems
Increases the egg production.
Safe & eco friendly
Improves villi health


As a growth promoter- 250gm / ton of feed

Prevents & controls the enteritis – 500 gm / ton of feed


Composition : Each Kg Contains

Tylosin Phosphate    – 100 grams Base    – QS


Broilers : 200 gram / 1 Ton of Feed

Layers : 500 gram / 1 Ton of Feed Breeders :500 gram /

1 Ton of Feed from start of laying to 42nd week.


5 kg and 25 kgs HDPE Bags


Improves FCR

Prevents Problems like CRD caused by contagious pathogenic environment and mycolplasma load.

Increases Egg Production and Body weight

Improves Resistance

Fast Action and Effective formulation as a Preventive measurement.



Many animals, such as poultry. livestock and fish have heavy requirements to choline. Choline prevents fat accumulation and denaturation of liver and kidney as well as perosis. Its shortage will result in a retarded growth, un co-ordinated movements, and poor fertility. Adding choline in the bait of all kinds of fish and shrimp, the growth of fish and shrimp will be accelerated, thus high yielding will be obtained, choline (commonly in the form of choline chloride) is one of the B category of vitamin, it is acetylcholine in the biological organization, it is the components of lecithin and nerve acid fat. It is used by most animals as a procures of acetyl choline, which influences the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles, it is also used as a source of methyl groups, in feed, the content of natural choline chloride is limited. It cannot satisfy complete demand f the animal growing. therefore, choline chloride is widely used as feed additive at home and abroad. it will stimulate the animal or poultry’s growth, put on their weight rapidly and boost up the body’s immunity functions. It has prominent effects on improving the quality and quantity of eggs and meat the contrary, shortage of choline may cause liver diseases retarded growth perosis, reduced egg-laying rate and increased mortality.


AMALCHOLINE is sepceially important to fowls. The amino acids and the lecithinum, composed of choline are transferred to the tissues of fowls to prevent fat from accumulating on liver and kidney, and to speed up fowl’s growth and hatch ability and laying rate.

Choline cannot be synthesized in the bodies of young animals in which the choline needed is gained completely from the feed. Therefore, choline must be added to the animal feed.


10 kg and 20 kgs HDPE Bags


Effective against CRD AND CCRD Complexes improves FCR, egg production & performance


Layers / Broilers 10% 200 gm of TIAMAL per ton of feed

Improvement of Egg production

100gm -200gm of TIAMAL per ton of feed or as per the advice of the veterinarian/consultant.


Store in a cool dry place. Protect from sun light. & avoid direct contact with skin. Keep Out of reach of children


5 kg and 25 kgs HDPE Bags


Each Kg of TIAMAL contains 100gm of Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumerate (coated granules


200 – 500 gm of TIAMAL per ton of feed of feed on regular basis through out the laying cycle


Birds should not receive products containing monensin, narasin or salinomycin during or for at least seven days before or after treatment with TIAMAL Severe growth depression or death may result.



Increase the production of liver triglycerides & fat in subcutaneous adipocyte area.

Increases the neurological health. Improves FCR, body weight gain in broilers.

Increases the rate of growth and egg production in layers.

Improves the egg quality. Favours the protein metabolism.

Defficiency symptoms

Decreased growth rate of birds, poor feathering, decreased egg production of layer, cannibalism, decreased feed efficiency, decreased weight & size of eggs.


50-100 gm / 100 kg feed continue.
40-80 gm / 100 kg feed continue.


25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


Increase the production of liver triglycerides & fat in subcutaneous adipocyte area.

Increases the neurological health. Improves FCR, body weight gain in broilers.

Increases the rate of growth and egg production in layers.

Improves the egg quality. Favours the protein metabolism.

Defficiency symptoms

Decreased growth rate of birds, poor feathering, decreased egg production of layer, cannibalism, decreased feed efficiency, decreased weight & size of eggs.


50-100 gm / 100 kg feed continue.
40-80 gm / 100 kg feed continue.


25 kgs HDPE Paper bags


Features & Benifits

Produced by processing of submerged fermentation broth of Coryny bacterium glutamicum and purification of plant derived hydrolyzed proteins with bioprocess chromatography containing novel and first developed protocol. Contains good bioavailbility.

Second limiting aminoacid in poultry feed. Lysine is importabt for proper growth, it plays an essential role in the production of carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helping to lower cholesterol.

Lysine appears to help the body absorb calcium, and it plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a substance important for bones and connective tissues including skin, tendon, and cartilage.

Lysine helps the body absorb calcium and decreases the amount of calcium that is lost in urine lysine may help prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis. Improves weight gain and FCR. Improves the egg mass yied.


Based on the advice of consultant veterinarian.

AppearanceWhite or light yellow crystalline powder.
Molecular formulaC6H14N2O2
Molecular weight146.19
Bulk density0.5 to 0.6 gm/cm3
pH (10% m/m aqueous solution)5.0 to 6.0
Particle sizeMax 2.5% smaller than 0.3 mm
Max 2.5% larger than 1.2 mm
SolubilityWell soluble in water with 98.5 % of 100% L-Lysine


25 kgs HDPE Bags

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