Water Cleaning For Fish

Bacta Cult-Pond Cleaning is a Probiotic formulation designed for improving the pond environment by sludge degradation and controlling the proliferation of pathogens. It is necessary to remove the pollutants like fecal waste, dead planktons, organic waste settled at the bottom of the pond. Bacta Cult – Pond Cleaning Probiotic having prong ability to remove toxic compound from the pond and ability to biodegrade complex organic waste to simpler form.

Benefits :

  • Promotes good alkalinity in pond water
  • Reduce accumulated organic bottom sludge and take cares of bottom pollution and mineralization of the pond.
  • Improves water quality and reduce turbidity.
  • Converts toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane, etc. into nutrients
  • It promotes growth of beneficial phytoplankton and stabilizes the bloom and Ph.
  • Reduce frequency of water exchange and reduce mortality rate
  • Provides favorable environments for the growth of shrimp, fish and other aquaculture

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