In the world of industry, maintaining a pleasant and odour-free environment is essential not only for the well-being of your workforce but also for your reputation and compliance with environmental regulations.

At Amalgam Biotech, we specialize in industrial odour removal solutions, helping businesses across various sectors eliminate offensive odours and improve air quality. Our innovative technologies and expertise are your key to breathing easier and creating a healthier, more inviting atmosphere.

Amalgam Biotech is your trusted partner for industrial odour control. Contact us today to discuss your specific odour challenges and learn how we can help you create a more pleasant, productive, and odour-free working environment. Together, we can transform your facility into a space where odour-related issues are a thing of the past. We are closely working with CPCB guidelines.

Our Odour Removal Expertise

  • Advanced Technologies:

    We employ cutting-edge odour control technologies that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Our solutions target the source of odours, neutralizing them at the molecular level.

  • Customized Solutions:

    Every industry and facility has unique odour challenges. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Compliance Assurance:

    We keep you in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations regarding air quality and odour emissions.

  • Cost-Effective:

    Our solutions not only improve air quality but also reduce maintenance costs and the risk of fines associated with odour complaints.

How We Work

Collaborate with your team to identify the underlying issue, collecting and analyzing technical data for a comprehensive understanding. Our experts work closely with your staff to ensure no stone is left unturned in uncovering the source of the problem. This meticulous approach allows us to develop a precise strategy to address the issues effectively.

Tailored Solutions:

Craft a custom cleaning solution designed specifically for your industrial site, addressing the identified challenges effectively. By tailoring our solution to your unique needs, we ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in solving the identified problems.

Sustainability Focus:

Prioritize eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact while delivering exceptional results. Sustainability is at the core of our solution. By minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations, we not only benefit your business but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier community and planet.

Seamless Implementation:

Our commitment to providing you with a hassle-free experience means that our solution integrates seamlessly into your existing industrial processes. This minimizes operational disruptions, allowing you to continue your activities with confidence, knowing that your industrial site is becoming cleaner and more sustainable.

The troubleshooting process commences with a thorough examination of operational logs and data obtained from the treatment facility, with a focus on identifying any discrepancies from anticipated values or trends that signal potential issues.

Data Collection and Analysis:

At the outset of troubleshooting, the process begins with thorough data collection and analysis, which entails a careful review of operational logs and facility-generated data.

Deviation Detection:

Skilled technicians and operators meticulously review this data to identify any deviations from established operational values or trends, as these deviations can serve as critical indicators of potential issues within the facility.

Issue Identification:

Subsequently, the troubleshooting team works to pinpoint and identify the specific issues that may be responsible for the observed anomalies.

We recognize that every wastewater treatment challenge is distinct. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that align precisely with your specific requirements, whether you operate in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial processes, or specialized applications.

Customized Solutions:

We provide wastewater treatment solutions that are tailored precisely to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results for your project or facility.

Diverse Applications:

Our expertise spans across various sectors, from municipal wastewater treatment to industrial processes and specialized applications, making our solutions adaptable to a wide range of challenges.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

By aligning our solutions with your unique requirements, we prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing that your wastewater treatment processes meet their goals with precision.

DVOC - Dry Vapour Odour Control

Foul odour in Production areas / Covered areas / Confined spaces requires odour control which is “Moisture free”

  • Excessive humidity is detrimented in production areas. which manufactures Edibles, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Meat, Fishes etc. - DVOC is the answer.
  • Regular odour control system are not good for these type of industries so DVOC is the answer.
  • Comparatively less maintenance in high cost of water, less maintenance of nozzles.
  • OdoServe of Amalgam Biotech can be heat vaporised to genarate dry vapours which are then carried by atmospheric air to de-odorize your premises.
  • Eliminates Daily cost of RO water or Soft water choking and maintenance of nozzles. No risk of contamination of your products due to water usage.